Addressing Topic 5: DEMETER Business Process Integration.

Daily and Fresh Goods Collection Operations Management Module Development.

CollectGood will aim to solve disadvantages of conventional operation planning of fresh goods collection processes with sustainability and efficiency aspects for filling the gaps between farms and agricultural cooperatives and/or producers.



Project Description

As known, the need for sustainable and effective solutions to manage business processes in operations is ever increasing and Evreka is offering one of the most promising solutions for waste management operations in the world.

Thanks to the integration capabilities, EvrekaPlatform software family captures the dynamic perspective of human resources and field operations such as truck drivers, dispatchers, and tasks. By facilitating the communication and monitoring, planning processes and operations are simplified and all sorted work is reported to the back-office digitally.

CollectGood project will bring EvrekaPlatform’s capabilities and competencies to solve collection process management problems of agricultural goods logistics. During the project period the project team will modify, develop and integrate Evreka’s collection operations management and route optimization solution to answer the business process management requirements of Demeter Platform.

About the Team

Mehmet Pancaroglu
Industrial Engineer / Chief Technology Officer
Imren Karalar
Industrial Engineer / Master Student / Lead Data Analyst
Baris Arman Tabak
Computer Engineer / MSc & MBA / Software Development Lead Team
Mert Bakir
Industrial Engineer / Master Student / Data Scientist
Goktug Mert
Computer Engineer / Senior Full Stack Developer
Berk Yurttas
Computer Engineer
Asim Dogan Namli
Mobile Application Developer

SME Information

Evreka Yazilim Donanim A.S.

Evreka designs digitized and end-to-end waste management solutions with a focus on operational excellence in the waste management industry.


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